Ultramarine - One Love Story

Ultramarine gathers people who share one and the same Love - the Sea and the Sailing Yachts.

Ultramarine, as all other good things on Earth was born from the Love. The Love of few friends for the Sea and the Sailing Boats. We got together to share our love for sailing and to "infest" others with our passion for the Deep Blue! And we are growing in numbers!

We are not a touring agency nor a sports club. We are beyond the standards. We exceed the expectations. We are a social movement - the one of the Men towards the Sea. The Man, on a jurney across the rich palette of challenges which the Sea is presenting in our lives. A jurney to yourself. A jurney to the Perfection. A jurney to the Happiness. A jurney with friends!

Ultramarine has many faces. Ultramarine lives and grows with the people in it. With us anyone could find something for himself - from the first meeting with the Sea and Boating up to the Blue Water Cruising or the pinnacle of the sports of Sailing. 

Grasp the moment, with all the eternity in it! Come join us! Ultramarine is you and me, and all of us, together!